About Us

Missed Stop Productions is a new production company that creates high-quality, original, dramatised audiobooks for children. 

The Team 
LH Damelin started writing stories over 30 years ago and he and his wife, Demetra Mavri-Damelin, self-published one of his books, Montgomery Jones and the Search for The Lost World of Fantasy, back in 2007, but the writing always took a back seat to his day job as a scientist. However, everything changed when their young daughter began to read and enjoy his stories and this inspired them to create Missed Stop Productions. As a team, they write, dramatise and produce the audiobooks and science snippets.

Our first offering, is the Montgomery Jones adventure series, written by LH Damelin. 
When he is not writing or doing silly experiments such as making rocket candy from compost, he can be found pottering around the garden or running up and down the driveway with his chubby dog Max.